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The 100 Pet Health Truths will equip you to become a discerning and educated pet owner. We have condensed Dr. Wysong’s 30 years of health wisdom into 100 short and easy messages enhanced with fun graphics and videos.

Additionally, interspersed throughout the program you will receive coupons totaling $100 for free Wysong products! All of this is provided at no cost. There are no gimmicks and nothing is required of you but to learn.

In choosing to keep a pet you have made a solemn and silent vow, a commitment to their health and well being. Removed from their natural habitat, our pets’ instincts – their inherent bearing toward health, is essentially deactivated. Now, you must make the prudent choices that they are no longer instinctually able to make for themselves. The Wysong 100 Pet Health Truths will make that possible and easy for you.

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This extremely interesting program will make you anxious for each new email and will give both your pet and you a new lease on health.
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